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General items: Wholesale of clothing; Retail of clothing; Sales of daily necessities; Wholesale of labor protection articles; Sales of labor protection articles; Wholesale of needle textiles and raw materials; Wholesale of shoes and hats; Shoes and hats retail; Sales of knitwear; Sales of clothing accessories; Wholesale of hardware products; Retail of hardware products;Sales of mold; Sales of photovoltaic equipment and components; Sales of light construction materials; Sales of doors and window; Sales of metal parts for construction; Sales of building ceramic products; Sales of special equipment for environmental protection; Sales of building waterproof roll products; Sales of electronic office equipment; Sales of electronic vacuum devices; Sales of optoelectronic devices; Wholesale of electronic components; Sales of electronic special materials; Sale of electronic smog applicators (non tobacco products, excluding tobacco ingredients); Sales of electronic special equipment; Sales of daily glass products; Retail of daily necessities; Sales of general merchandise; Retail of household appliances; Sales of daily wood products; Wholesale of cosmetics; Retail of cosmetics; Sales of furniture; Sales of plastic products; Sales of bamboo products; Sales of smart home consumer devices; Sales of toys; Sales of toys, animation and entertainment products; Wholesale of edible agricultural products; Retail of edible agricultural products; Wholesale of Arts and crafts and collectibles (Excluding ivory and its products); Retail of Arts and crafts and collectibles (Excluding ivory and its products); Sales of chemical products (Excluding licensed chemical products); Sales of sanitary and disposable medical supplies; Sales of daily masks (non-medical); Wholesale of medical masks; Wholesale of protective equipment for medical staff; Sales of the second type of medical devices; Sales of class I medical devices. (In addition to projects subject to approval according to law, the company shall independently carry out business activities according to law with its business license.) Licensed Items: Sales of health food; Food Management (Sales of prepackaged food); Food management.; Import and export of goods; Import and export of technology. (For item of business should be approved according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approved by relevant authorities.)
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Textile Raw Material
Trading Company
51 - 100
US$50 Million-US$100Million
Below US$1 Million
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pan chenchen
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pan chenchen(Hangzhou Kiwi Imp&Exp.Co.Ltd)

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